10 Tips for Planning a Rooftop Wedding in Singapore

Many rooftop places in Singapore are worth visiting. And planning your wedding at these exotic rooftop places in Singapore would add to the memories for a lifetime. A lot goes into planning for a wedding as it marks the start of a new life and a new phase. Usually, people, these days hire agencies and companies which provide services related to wedding planning; but there are some tips which people themselves should follow to plan their wedding in the most mesmerizing way.

Some of these are mentioned herein below:

  1. When going to a rooftop place in Singapore make sure about the weather forecast for the day. And if there are some chances of rain or strong winds have the required preparations done in advance.
  2. Choose such a theme for your wedding which depicts your story and represents the couple as a whole. A sober theme is always appreciated for a wedding ceremony.
  3. Professional florists should be chosen for the decoration, and he or she should be made to visit the venue once before finalizing the type of flower.
  4. Add personal touches to the decoration to add to the memories of the wedding ceremony.
  5. Keep the guests list limited to the number advised for a rooftop venue, too many guests spoil the experience of a rooftop, and half of the time people struggle to make space for themselves for the view.
  6. Get the wedding schedule customized by the venue management as per your requirements, usually, these rooftop venues have a standard schedule set for wedding ceremonies, but one can get them customized.
  7. Make sure that the photography is well managed and professional photographers are hired to capture the beauty of the venue.
  8. One can also get a photo booth set up at the rooftop from where the aerial view could be captured and guests could get themselves clicked.
  9. If the rooftop has some areas which would be risky for children, get the safety measures done before the guests arriving at the venue.

The food should be such which leaves a mark on everyone’s taste buds, good food with a good view is not what everyone gets everywhere.