Top 3 Rooftop Places in Singapore

Whether it is the amazing view of the Singapore River or the impressive panoramic view of the skyscrapers crowding the Singaporean skyline, rooftop places in Singapore are the best places to take in the sights and the heights of course.

With an area of over 700 square kilometers and a population of approximately six million, Singapore has no choice but to build upwards. This has resulted in a fascinating skyline and an astonishing view of glittering Marina Bay that has adorned many postcards as well. To enjoy these views at their best, undoubtedly you will have to go high and that’s when rooftop places in Singapore come into the picture.

Here are the top 3 rooftop restaurants for you to enjoy those amazing Singapore an views and that too with impeccable food and drinks to match.

  1. Lavo Italian Restaurant & Rooftop Bar

When talking about rooftop places in Singapore, Lavo is the primary choice of diners. Lavo can go from a weekend brunch spot to a happening nightclub in a minute! At the 57th level, you’ll be treated with spectacular views of the city skyline while you dine on hearty Italian-American cuisine. One of the best rooftop places in Singapore, the restaurant is best known for its enormous Lavo meatball and signatures such as the charred octopus, pizzas and the 20-layer chocolate cake.

  1. Skai

Skai is one of the most amazing rooftop places in Singapore. An astonishing view, paired with exquisite beef cuts perfectly prepared in a state-of-the-art Josper grill and almost too-pretty-to-eat desserts, and you’ve got a lovely dining experience. From intimate dinners to lively Saturday brunches to relaxing afternoon teas, the rooftop restaurant hosts it all.

  1. Arbora Hilltop Garden & Bistro

Perched 100 metres above sea level away from the busy city, this casual bistro is perfect for family lunch, brunch with friends and romantic dinners. This bistro serves a mix of western and Asian dishes, with craft beers and botanical-inspired drinks.

Looking for a perfect romantic dinner or a fine dining experience, these rooftop places in Singapore will give you slick skyline sights and sunset scenes worth remembering.