Corporate Events

Importance of the Right Venue for a Corporate Event

If you are organizing a corporate event, the most important decision you will take will be the corporate event space. The space should be such that it adds to the experience of the attendees and is also easy considering the logistics part of it. Singapore is an international business hub and there are many large […]

Special Garden Wedding Venue Makes the Ceremony Memorable

Special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthday celebrations of your kid need a special venue as well. The venue adds to the celebration in so many ways. The ambiance created for the guest and the host can make the mood jovial or dull. Imagine getting married on an open terrace decorated with flowers and covered by […]

Do’s & Don’ts for Hosting a Perfect Corporate Event

The task of planning and managing a corporate event is a hard nut to crack. And with increasing competition, companies these days have started outsourcing the task of managing an event to those agencies which are experts in this field. In cities like Singapore, corporate event companies have been flourishing past few years with the […]